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These days we are constantly GOING and there is NEVER enough time in the day. But maybe there is. Maybe our time management skills just need a little fine tuning… Queue delegating. Because no one can do everything, including you. 



This blog was stimulated by my manic weekends, running around trying to get EVERYTHING done. Work, social, commitments, meetings, washing, cleaning, food prep. You know the drill. If you have kids, I’m sure it looks 100000x crazier.

I started looking at what doesn’t need to be done. I call that ‘prioritising’ and ‘de-prioritising’ (we do it daily my Occupational Therapy job). Often, the easiest thing to de-prioritise is my health. My food prep. My healthy choices. It’s something we all are at risk of ‘doing tomorrow’ or ‘starting Monday’.

But that’s not right. 

Reprioritising our health and our healthy decisions isn’t going to help us get through the week. Because what will happen? Mid week we will be devastated that we haven’t kept to our intentions, haven’t stuck to my food plans or have turned to ‘easy, fast and unhealthy’ food. 

Time management – there’s no doubt you hear the term daily. So many strategies, so many resources, but so little time to discover and master them all!

But time management REALLY IS the key to success. Whatever your success may be. 

Manage Time with HelloFresh

Manage Time with HelloFresh

I recently listened to one of my favourite podcasts, Gretchen Rubin’s ‘Happier’ podcast. On the episode, Gretchen was talking about ‘delegating’ and how it can help to minimise stress and increase happiness. Gretchen encourages her listeners to ask themselves the following questions:

  • Does this task need to be done at all?
  • Is this task something that only I can do?
  • Would delegating this task help me fulfill my mission better?

Prior to listening to the podcast, delegating has been something I have personally been trying to improve. But these questions really bought it home for me. 

Suddenly, I was looking at tasks through this new lens. Do I need to do this myself? First step, of course, was my healthy choices. What can I do to make this easier, to spend less time on it, to sustain those choices through the week?

Well hi there, HelloFresh. 

I made the decision to give it a try. And in all honesty, my weekend became a lot easier. 

HelloFresh not only ‘reduced the cognitive load’ of CHOOSING what to make but it also:

  • Delivers fresh, high quality ingredients to your door (read more about their suppliers here)
  • Has simple, easy to follow recipes (check some of the meals out here)
  • Provides pre-measured quantities of ingredients (see how the boxes work here)
  • Has plans and recipes (as well as adaptions) for serving sizes, so you can feed yourself, your family or you and a friend

HelloFresh is a massive time saver. And means I can spend more time on… working. And doing the washing. 


The improvements in what I managed to get done is the reason why I am recommending HelloFresh for you. And if I didn’t love the recipes or approve of the nutritional benefits, I wouldn’t be. Because who likes eating tasteless food recommended by bloggers? LOL not me. And often ‘healthy’ pre-prepared meals (endorsed by bloggers) aren’t actually that healthy… or are WAY too high in calories (I mean, a 500 calorie meal isn’t ideal for my goals, what about yours?). 

And as it’s the silly season, and things are going to get crazier than ever before (if that’s even possible), it might be the perfect time to try HelloFresh for you.

The second best part is that it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg.  Prices cost from $8.75 per meal. I mean… yes please. AND there is flexible subscription. 

Now, your options. 

You’ve got the Classic Box – packed with beautiful fresh produce and all the fresh meats, fish and whole grains you need. With this box, the choice is yours – choose from 3 or 5 meals for however many people you like. Some of my favourite recipes have been the leek and fetta topped chicken, cajun chicken and roast veg, Spanish meatballs and thai beef salad!

There’s also the Veggie Box – filled with delicious seasonal vegetables, whole grains, beautiful cheeses and animal free proteins. Think pan fried haloumi and basil ratatouille, warming pumpkin and lentil dahl, Japanese Tofu sushi bowl and falafels with quinoa tabbouleh. YUM.  

If you don’t mind a little repetition, you can cut costs by grabbing the Family Box and stretching the family meals over a few days, that’s what we did and LOVED it. 

The team even have Christmas covered with their CHRISTMAS BOX for your Christmas needs – and let’s not kid ourselves, that menu looks lush af (check it out here). 

So if you are like me (a manic rusher with too little time in the day to achieve even half of my To Do List), then try ‘delegating’ your tasks a little more, starting with the most important, your health and food choices. Delegate your shopping, planning, decision making and nutritional intake to HelloFresh, let them do the work for you. 

HelloFresh AU

HelloFresh AU