QT Buffet Breakfast

Gold Coast’s Healthiest Buffett Breafkast

Excessive eating is certainly not something we endorse frequently… But a variety of healthy breakfast options, in one place, for one price – that’s something we love. And hey, you deserve to #treatyourself. 

Fighting over where to go for breakfast just does not exist on the Gold Coast. Or at least, we wouldn’t think so. Not when QT’s Bazaar does a breakfast like they do. 

Healthy eaters, covered. Junk lovers, covered (there’s ice cream and plenty of hot stuff). Gluten free friends, covered. Vegans, covered. GF DF V friends, also covered. In fact, we challenge you to find someone who CAN’T find something at the breakfast buffet. 

Here’s 6 Reasons Why Bazaar is GC’s BEST Buffet Breakfast:

(and we fully endorse staying the night at QT just to enjoy breakfast super close the next day, followed by a swim, of course). 

1. There’s a dedicated Gluten Free section

  • Complete with a separate toaster, breads, desserts and mueslis
  • There is also lot’s of gluten free options spread throughout the buffet, like the omelettes, eggs and well.. keep reading below!
QT Buffet Breakfast - Gluten Free

QT Buffet Breakfast – Gluten Free

2. Muesli/Granola Bookshelf

  • Yep, you read right. A whole freaken bookshelf dedicated to only the best part of the buffet – the cereals, granolas and mueslis. From sugar coated (no thanks) to healthy nut mixes and all the in between. If crunchy is your thing, this is your place. 
  • P.s. this is JUST the DRY stuff. There is a whole fridge and selection of pre-mixed birchers, chia puddings, yoghurts w granola, partfairts etc. etc. right next door!
  • Also, every milk you could need, including the daily smoothie option. 

QT Buffet Breakfast – Muesli Bookshelf

3. There is CHIA PUDDING

  • Can that just be a heading in itself? Puh-lease, tell us another buffet that has pre-made chia puddings? Collect some fresh fruit from the incredible selection (displayed on ice, so super fresh) and you are set. 
  • Like a little extra crunch? Grab your choice of granola topping from the muesli bookshelf – exciting much?

QT Buffet Breakfast

4. Make your own GREEN Omelette

  • With mixins like kale, zucchini and spinach, healthy options have never looked so good. 
  • The chef will prepare it for you right in front of your eyes, and you can mixin whatever you like, including quinoa #superfoodalert

QT Buffet Breakfast – Omelette station!


  • We know, it keeps getting better. We aren’t sure this is going to fit into 6 headings, but hey, we think you get how good it is. The Superfood Bar is stacked full of the goods, chia seeds, coconut, goji berries. It’s right next to the ice cream machine which hey, if you want to counteract bad with good, there is your chance… but there is a whole display allocated to yoghurt of all kinds – whichever floats your boat 😉

QT Buffet Breakfast – Superfood Candy Bar

6. Hello savoury antipasto – breakfast style!

  • Now this is something we know Sarah Wilson would approve! The best way to avoid ‘added sugar’ is of course, to stick to savoury! Fill up (healthily) on all the cheese, pickled foods, fermented veg, olives, high quality salami and even a garden salad!  


For your not-so-health-inclined friends:
  • The pastry selection extends for about a metre and a half,
  • A source (Jack) tells me the bacon, sausages, mushrooms and hash browns are hard to beat (and he’s tried a few, i.e. every big breaky on every cafe we visit)
  • As mentioned, there’s an ice cream machine
  • Waffles, pancakes and donuts galore
  • All the condiments you could dream of (including some healthy ones, by the way!)

And this is ONLY the breakfast – there is of course, lunch and dinner (think vibrant salads, slow-roasted meats, juicy seafood, Asian wok and dumpling station). 

The Essentials

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