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5 Signs You Need to Get Away

It’s not uncommon that these days, many of us are wearing LOTS of hats, taking on LOTS of roles and are probably all quite stressed. So when is enough, enough? And how do we avoid that dreaded ‘burn out’. 

We’ve all heard the term before and you might have experienced it already… burn out.

But don’t we all experience stress? YES! And doesn’t stress lead to burn out? YES. But it doesn’t have to!

It is understood that there is a clear difference between stress and burn out.. But what can we do to prevent burn out, you ask? Restoration. 

If you are constantly going from one period or time of stress to another, without time for restoration in between, then you are going to be accumulating stress which can lead to burn out. 

And we don’t want that! We REALLY don’t want that. Because how will you boss babe it up when you are burnt out? 

The key to preventing burn out is either planning restoration in advance OR recognising excessive stress signs early. 

Here are some of those stress signs:

1. Your mindful eating and mindful practices are non-existent

Well, if any of the above are true then you probably already know you aren’t listening to your body… But if you are excessively over or under eating, then that’s a sure sign too. Organise some time to get back into tune with your body, your digestion and what your body truly needs, particularly in terms of food and coffee quantity. 

2. Your productivity is declining

Work isn’t harder, but you feel like you are getting less done. If you are working from home  or a small business owner, this can be a MASSIVE problem and is probably really stressing you out (even more than you already are). Time for some restoration!

3. You are experiencing emotions more than ever before

When you previously could manage difficult emails or conversations, but now a 30 second facebook advertisement can make you cry – it’s time to open a new tab and book yourself a stay cation, mini getaway or better, a holiday!

4. You have less energy

If your coffee consumption is jeopardizing your chances of a home loan in the next 10 years, it’s time to drop back down to your 1-2 a day and put that money towards some well deserved time off!

5. You keep getting sick

Your immune system is literally designed to fight those bugs off, so if it’s not able to do it’s job, realise your body is on strike and is begging you to take some time off!

The guilt of taking time off to get away is certainly something well known to use, but after having spent a long weekend at QT Gold Coast, we are feeling more refreshed than ever before. Choosing a get away destination is going to be different for everyone, but if your looking for a quick pick me up (we 100% recommend these frequently through the year), then a staycation is going to be perfect for you! Not to far from home, in a relatively known area with lots of activities and sunshine close by – it’s our recipe for a good time. QT Hotels are pretty special and one of our favourites to return to – find your closest here

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If you are experiencing stress, anxiety and/or think you may be at risk of burning out, seeking support is always an insightful and positive idea. Even just having some personalised strategies to help you cope when times get tough.

Our friends over at City Cave have recently started offering psychology services to compliment their holistic approach to health and wellness. The Float and Wellness Centre is dedicated to supporting both internal and external health with preventative health care solutions such as wellness practitioners, relaxation and rejuvenation options for your mind and body, float tanks, float rooms, infrared saunas, massage facilities yoga, pilates and various clinical services (dietician, general practitioner, naturopathy, reflexology, musculoskeletal therapy). 

Professional support is never hard to find and you can access a Mental Health Plan from your local GP to start receiving Medicare funded support (so minimal expense to you!). You can call Lifeline for crisis support 24/7 on 13 11 14.